The “Scent Sensei”

The “Scent Sensei”

Greetings to my fellow scent lovers. I am delighted to begin this exciting new journey of sharing my thoughts, insights, and knowledge with reference to all things candles with you. In addition to loving candles, I am an avid reader, who loves to travel, and connect with people. I am someone who most would call a true mid-westerner, mainly because of my strong core family values, not forgetting the fact that I just love the true mix of seasons, with winter being among my favorites. I believe winter is one of the best times of the year to get warm, comfortable, and snuggly with a great candle nearby, all while spending time connecting with family and friends. I spend a lot of time traveling the world as a result of my profession, which gives me the opportunity to test waxes, wicks, and fragrances from around the world.


Since before I can remember, I was richly captivated by fire which amazingly enough led to my fascination with candles. Whenever I would light a candle, I would be enchanted by the glowing flicker of its flames with the bonus of the wonderful fragrance emitted from the candles. Different wicks, or waxes would create mesmerizing dancing flames and the result for me was pure enjoyment. My knowledge and fun-loving obsession with candles and fragrances eventually had those in the candle-loving community referring to me as the “Scent Sensei” an amusing title that I am incredibly proud of.


Through this blog I hope to convey to you my knowledge of candles acquired from countless hours of testing, researching, and utilization. I plan to share with you some of my favorite candle brands, packaging, and fragrance. I am thrilled to embark on an enjoyable look into the world of candles while broadening your view on just how much the right candle has to offer. A fun fact about candles, is that they are masterfully effective in setting a mood, and even uplifting your mood. A wonderfully fragrant candle allows you to stop and smell the roses. A much-needed benefit in today’s fast paced world.


My promise to you is to deliver an unbiased opinion when reviewing candles from different manufactures.  I will also walk you through the various stages of candle making, the assorted types of waxes and show you how all candles are not created equal. We will explore different aroma compounds and their effectiveness when used with different kinds of waxes, among many other important details about candles.  I hope as we embark on this journey, I’m able bring to you and your home an abundance of luminous intensity and joy…



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