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Trendy and fashionable eyewear choices for every modern girl!

Whether they are a new statement or classic ones, sunglasses play a big role in a person's style and appearance. Both protective and fashionable, sunglasses are an item that today falls under the accessories category. With the main purpose and role they have of protecting the eyes, they are worth the investment. If you top your fashionable style and lines on that, you will get a pair that will become part of your signature look. There is a lot of truth in the saying that a good pair of sunglasses will go a long way.

For those of you who are looking to upgrade your eyewear style. Blueface Unlimited presents the trendiest choices for the season. Take a look!

With details and embellishments

Women do love to add a touch of extravagance when it comes to the eyeglasses. The simple and plain sunglasses are still in, but currently the most dominant are those that feature additional details on the lenses and the frames. Just a pair of those sunglasses that you will instantly fall in love with is the Diamond Cut Sunglasses. These glasses come with transparent lenses and thin handles, without a frame. The most eye-catching part is the gems attached to the sides of the lenses that change colors under different angles of the light.

A touch of gold

If gold is your choice of preference, then you cannot miss this pair. The Brown Square Gradient sunglasses are another stylish pair that look excellent with women who have blond or brown hair. The transparent glass here is gradually changing brown colors, while the rest is all covered in gold finish. The handles are thin and also gold, providing ribbed effect, that goes all the way through the inner frame of the glasses.

Black & square

Keeping the shade and cover can be achieved by wearing bigger glasses. This type of glasses were popular at the begging of the 2000s but its popularity returns now. The big, black, square frames are the most common choice today and they look very trendy and cool. If you are looking for exactly this type of glasses, then the choice should be Black Fashion Oversized Square Glasses. The thin black frame that comes all-around the lenses and continues as a whole towards the handles. The square frames add volume to the face and cover a big part of the under eyes and cheeks.

Stylish chic

Those who prefer thin handles and clean lines, but still want to look fashionably and cool, the Square Vintage Glasses are an excellent choice. Playing in the lines between the classic and the modern, the sunglasses are similar to the ones with the details and embellishments. The thin handles and frameless corpse provide a lightweight feeling and look. the lenses come in a greyish color, while the handles are gold.

With these eyewear suggestions, the entire look and outfit will be upgraded with a more modern tone and vibe!

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