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Rugs and Lamps – home accessories that make the living space warmer and fancier

Interior design and organizing the home is a challenging thing. It is the safe place that you come to every day, after work, and feel relaxed and chill. Every place has its vibe and it speaks to the person living in it. Whether it has lots of light or not, big or small windows, patios, balconies, etc, it is up to the owner to leave its mark and stamp in decorating the home.

The two most important rooms in each home are the living room and the bedroom. The living room is the place where the whole family gathers together, spends time, watch TV and movies, and just relax and build memories. The bedroom is the other important place where you get your much-needed sleep, important for well-functioning and productivity. For all of this to be as enjoyable as possible, the interior design of these rooms has a lot to do with it.

Rugs and lamps are the two initial and most important accessories in the interior décor that has the power to make each space more beautiful, warmer, and personalized. Choosing the right kind of rug and lamps is closely connected to the presence of outer light, the position of the windows as well as the color of the floors and walls. In those terms, to add a bit of color and help in the home décor Blueface unlimited has the best offers and suggestions.


Fluffy tie dye rug

If you are looking to add some trendiness and stylish vibe to your living room space or bedroom, then choosing a fluffy rug over a regular carpet is much suggested. The fluffy rug has found its place in the modern home décor, taking over the place of the regular thin carpets that ended to be very boring and uninspiring for the stylish crowd. From the very first look, the fluffy rug delivers a look of a voluminous and heavy accessory that covers a certain piece of the floor and adds to the beauty of the entire space. The fluffy rugs are colored in a tie-dye technique that blends two or more colors. It is great for those who want to add more color to their space, rather than have two distinct colors. This is the kind of rug that will look great both in the living room and bedroom, but in two different shades.

Jacquard soft carpet

The Nordic style of home décor is very popular and trendy today. This especially refers to the types and the look of rugs that have taken a significant place in the home interior. The Nordic style is characterized by the minimal approach towards the details while providing a unique and appealing look. The jacquard print is currently one of the most demanded and popular styles. It usually holds some flowery or abstract design that makes it stand out in the room. It can be multi-colored while the base is simple and monochromatic. These types of rugs are mostly demanded by the younger homeowners and couples who want to add colors and stylishness through accessories. 


Modern wall led lamp

The wall lamps that go over the nightstands in the bedroom have practical, useful, and decorative use. Positioned near the bed, they light up the space needed for activities like working in the bed, reading a book, or watching TV. The design is pretty cool – provides an excellent light from a lamp that looks only like a line. It is fastened with a round holder on the wall. It does not take any space, it is adjustable to the sides and it works well with all different interior styles and colors. This lamp is also great for kids' rooms – it is safe and convenient.

Shaping modern lamp

If you are looking for something modern and unique, then a shaping wall lamp is something that will do the thing. With two round fixtures to the ends that come in different sizes, this lamp can be adjusted on the wall according to personal preferences. It can resemble anything that you like, from some curved line to a letter or just an abstract thing. It is excellent for a living room because it will instantly become the centerpiece on the wall.

Curved floor lamp

Floor lamps are also a special addition to each living space. In the past, they were positioned by some bookshelf or coffee table and people used to read a book or newspaper just there. Today, they are a big part of modern indoor lighting. The new designs present the lamps as big and dominant pieces in the space, that serve both as a lightning outlet and home accessory. This curved floor lamp is elegant and chic and looks great positioned on some stand, table, or on the floor.

Minimalist floor lamp

The minimalist style also comes together in this vertical floor lamp. Although it does look like the regular lamps, this one is modern and cool, great for all those looking to add something new and innovative to their homes and living spaces. It is just a vertical line that provides excellent lighting from the floor to the top. It does not take any space – it is thin, subtle, elegant, and unique. It nicely complements every living room and is also a decoration that can be put in every corner of the room.

With the proper choice and styling of the rugs and laps, each space will get a new vibe and look. The warmth that both of these pieces provide is inevitable to the nice décor and interior designing of the house or the apartment. With these suggestions from Blueface Unlimited rugs and lamps lines, there are lots of combinations that will work well when paired together. It is important to maintain the same style of the rug and the lamp so that you can get a maximal effect. 

Choose your picks and enjoy home décor and styling!

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