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Fall Fashion Trends That You Can Find On Blueface Unlimited

The fall season is just around the corner. Although we will have to say goodbye to the summer soon, this does not mean that we still cannot enjoy some cool fashion outfits. Fall can be an unpredicted season, with big temperatures changes. The mornings and nights can be chilly, while the days are hot. Fashion trends for this fall have already been set, and what is left to do is to stock up on some items and make the fall fashion game top-notch.

Blueface Unlimited has already taken care for that, so it is just up to you to get shopping for the latest fashion trends and make space in your closet for some new garments.

Long sleeve dress

The short-sleeved and strapless dresses are going to have to wait for next summer. The hot days will soon be changed with chillier ones, but that does not mean that you have to forget about wearing dresses. Just on the contrary, the long-sleeved dresses are the perfect ones for this season. From our newest arrivals, we suggest picking the sexy and unique burgundy long-sleeve dress. It is tight and short, with a half turtle neck and side details that accent the line of the silhouette. It can be styled with boots or heels. And the color is just the great one for the fall.

Off-shoulder top

The off-shoulder tops are considered as very popular and trendy now, with unique elegance and style. To add a bit more modernity, the latest trends add a puffy sleeve to the off-shoulder top. A top just like that is the sexy mesh pullover top. It comes with a mesh sleeve with a polka dot print. It is an excellent piece for fashionistas that are looking for some stylish top for this fall.

Tassel jeans

The casual and relaxed style cannot go without the presence of jeans. The newest trends suggest wearing ripped jeans, but with the addition of some other details, like in this case – tassels. These jeans come with a medium-high waist and light denim color, excellent for the fall sunny days. The ripped details are on the front, while the tassels are present to the sides of the legs, from top to bottom. The styling of these jeans can be done with some cute crop tops and a leather jacket.

Floral Leggings

Leggings have become much more than just sports attire. From the gyms, the leggings have transferred directly to the street, becoming the most wanted bottoms that every girl just adores. The comfortability of the leggings, alongside the look that they provide to the legs and the entire line of the body, has made them a must-have piece in every woman’s closet. For the upcoming fall season, the floral high waist leggings are the piece that you will never want to take off. The unique floral pattern, with the combination of metallic colors, is stunning.

Stay tuned for more fashion news!

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