A new fashion take on the classic denim jacket

A new fashion take on the classic denim jacket

Few fashion pieces carry the classic and all-time fashionable style. Among them is the denim jacket. In the past, the denim, as a fabric was only connected as a working attire of the cowboys and those who were working on the farms. The durability and strength of the fabric were soon seen as an excellent thing to be incorporated in the fashion industry. Soon, the denim jeans appeared in all colors and cuts, and after that followed the shirts and the jackets.

The denim jacket has survived many changes in fashion trends, and through each season, it has modified its look according to the fashion trends. This season, the fashion trends bring the good old denim jacket in two different looks. The crop cut and accent on the bare shoulders put the denim jacket back on the fashion spot. Luckily for all the trendsetters, Blueface Unlimited has just the right pieces to follow this trend.

Cropped denim jacket

This is the jacket that all of the fashion followers will instantly fall in love with. What characterizes this type is that it comes in light blue washed denim, an excellent choice for the summer season. The crop top is trendy and stylish. The collar and the front buttons are with a true look of the original jackets. The end is ribbed, adding a piece of retro style. The ultra-fashionable and stylish moment comes from the glittering fringes that are the most eye-catchy detail on the jacket. Both present at the front and on the back, these details make the jacket look elegant and chic. The front and back parts around the shoulders come in a wide rhomboid net, and they fall down freely. The sleeves are long, also having a ribbed end. Like the classic jacket, this one also features front upper pockets.

Off-shoulder denim jacket

The off-shoulder denim jacket provides a bit more daring and girlish look. The dark denim gives a bit of a more serious appearance, although the washed parts add a bit of casual and relaxed look. The off-shoulder opening is straight, with a collar ending that appears at the end of the jacket. The slim fit follows the line of the silhouette, and the buttons go all the way from the top to the ends. The sleeves are also tight, well-aligned with the cut of the jacket. This is the type of jacket for all those who are willing to go head-to-toe denim look. The styling here is best done with slim jeans in the same denim color.

The denim jacket is always a good choice for day and night outings, traveling, moving around, and choice as an everyday look. The popularity and the stylishness of the denim jacket will never go out of fashion, no matter the change of the fashion trends and influences that the fashion industry might be subject to in a certain time.

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